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Hot Dates: Here are the key games on the Raptors 2015-16 schedule

All 82 games count, but these count a little bit more.

John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

So you've seen the schedule, you've read the breakdown and analysis, but now you need a handy reference for the the Raptors games you need to see. Look no further than... right here! Below is a list of the noteworthy games in the Raptors 2015-16 NBA schedule.

Yes, all 82 games count. But, despite what the players will tell you, some count more than others. (Also, life is short.)

Hot Dates:

October 28 vs. Indiana - It's the home opener!

November 13 vs. New Orleans - Our one and only visit from future overlord Anthony Davis.

November 25 vs. Cleveland - Wherein we attempt to woo Tristan Thompson. (Plus, that Lebron guy will be there.)

November 28 at Washington - First match up against the Wizards. No hard feelings.

December 5 vs. Golden State - Second game against the defending champs, but the only one in Toronto.

December 30 vs. Washington - Home game. Let's keep cool.

January 6 at Brooklyn - First game against the Nets. Wait, is this still a rivalry?

January 14 at Orlando - But not really in Florida. This game will be played in London, England. Fancy.

January 22 vs. Miami - Home game on ESPN--let's try not to embarrass ourselves, guys.

January 28 vs. New York - A visit from #TAPS and #BARGS on TNT. [Edit: I forgot Andrea was aloof in Brooklyn now.]

February 13-15 - All-Star Weekend IN TORONTO.

February 24 vs. Minnesota - Say hello (and goodbye) to Andrew Wiggins.

March 28 vs. Oklahoma City - Our lone visit from Kevin Durant, noted Jays fan.

April 13 at Brooklyn - Last game of the regular season. Playoffs? Playoffs.

Did I miss any? What games are you looking forward to?