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Raptors 1999-00 team deemed "classic" by NBA 2K16

Yes, this means we get vintage digital Charles Oakley.

Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

File this one under "Slow August news day": The Toronto Raptors squad of 1999-2000 has been confirmed as one of the 12 "classic" teams to be added to the latest version of the NBA 2K video game series.

The upcoming NBA 2K16 game will feature classic teams from NBA history including the '99-'00 Trail Blazers and '07-'08 NBA Champion Boston CelticsYou can see the full list here. Six teams have been confirmed, while six teams remain shrouded in mystery. (Is it too early to put the 2015-16 Kings on there?)

As for that classic Toronto squad, it featured perhaps some of the best talent a Raptors team has ever had. It was Vince Carter's official breakout season (minus the collapse in the playoffs). The final year of Tracy McGrady in Toronto. And, the rise of future one-time All-Star Antonio Davis and Charles Oakley as twin powers in the post.

In addition, the bench featured veteran's vet Kevin Willis, sharp shooter (and future father-to-an-MVP) Dell Curry, Space Jam's Muggsy Bogues, heart-and-soul Alvin Williams, and sure why not, the immortal Michael "Yogi" Stewart. It was also the last NBA team to be coached by Butch Carter, the final stop for future ref Haywoode Workman, Aleksander Radojevic's hopeless rookie year, and the second full season for the league's only New Zealand-born player at the time Sean Marks.

And every home game was attended by Jackie Christie. (Thanks, Doug!)

Let's all take a moment to remember the good times. Any other classic reference points I'm missing?