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Poll: Would you trade for Markieff Morris?

The Raptors have Patrick Patterson, but how about Markieff Morris?

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

In the 2013-14, the Phoenix Suns were supposed to be bad. Instead, through some savvy front office moves and a smart coaching hire, the Suns became a fun team of destiny. Well, for a little while anyway. Two years later, after a 48-win season that saw them miss the playoffs, and a sub-500 finish last year, the Suns are on the way to being bad again.

One of the players responsible for the Suns brief resurgence was Markieff Morris. In a league increasingly driven by multi-skilled players who can guard multiple positions, Morris emerged as something of an unheralded star. He could shoot the three, he could bang down low, and he could move the ball as part of the Suns' up-tempo game plan.

Morris also announced recently he does not want to play in Phoenix anymore.

This brings us back to Toronto. While the Raptors have been making moves and filling holes in a lineup that had come to resemble Swiss cheese by the end of last season, the power forward spot has remained something of a question mark. It was clear that Amir Johnson was no longer the answer. It is possible to foresee a small ball lineup with DeMarre Carroll in the position. Meanwhile, Patrick Patterson, a smart player and solid long range shooter with another two years on his nice contract, looks to have fallen into the starting role. He even admitted as much, saying the job was his to lose.

But now Morris is out there and he can obviously be taken in for pennies on the dollar. He's locked into a very reasonable 4-year, $32 million deal. He puts up good numbers (15.3 points, 6.2 rebounds per game). Should the Raptors be interested? Would you be interested?

There are caveats: As has been pointed out, Morris was charged, along with his twin brother Marcus, for felony aggravated assault. The case is still hanging around out there. He led the league in technicals last year (co-led actually, along with Russell Westbrook) which indicates at least some sort of fiery on-court demeanour--a good and bad thing. And of course, Markieff seems hellbent on always playing with his brother Marcus, who now plays for Detroit. Would he be happy in a role that keeps him away from his kin?

Lots of questions here. What do you guys think?