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Power Forward Poll: Which big man should the Raptors go after?

Not saying they have to get one of these guys, but not not saying it either.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

We talked about all the moves the Raptors have made so far yesterday. Before that, we addressed some of the things GM Masai Ujiri can still do to improve the team. Now, let's simplify things.

The Raptors need another big man, preferably a starter. They currently have Patrick Patterson, Bismack Biyombo and Jonas Valanciunas under contract. In addition, they have DeMarre Carroll and James Johnson on the roster who can potentially play the 4-spot in small ball lineups. This is all nice and good, but outside of Patterson (an above average, not quite starter-type player), Toronto does not have a power forward they can lean on for heavy minutes, game after game.

So who is the power forward you'd like to see the Raptors go after? Please try to remember that a trade would probably have to be involved here. The top free agent power forwards are guys like Josh Smith (oh no), Enes Kanter (oh nooooo) and Jordan Hill (dead). And while grabbing a guy like Darrell Arthur might be nice, it doesn't really solve the Raptors starter problem. (Also, let's assume Tristan Thompson--and, uh, Lebron James-- ultimately signs with Cleveland.)

Let's head to the poll. Is there a trade that can work for the players below? Who would you like to see the Raptors pursue?