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Raptors do well in LaMarcus meeting, "but it is unlikely he picks the Raptors."

So I guess that's it then.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The thing about having a dream is it means opening yourself up, being vulnerable. Declaring, yes, this is me and this is what I want.

The Raptors had a dream. It involved meeting with and signing one of the biggest free agents on the market in LaMarcus Aldridge. Everyone knew about it, the city was abuzz (relatively speaking). The Toronto Raptors were putting themselves out there. "We the North!" they roared. It was a sign that maybe this time--

The other thing about having a dream is that it means there is a acutely painful chance that it won't come true. You put yourself out there and get shot down. It sucks. But, as we all know, another word for dream is fantasy.

And so ends the LaMarcus Aldridge pursuit. Pen hasn't yet hit paper, but I think we know where this is going.

The dream is dead.