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Raptors add Jerry Stackhouse as Assistant Coach

The Raptors coaching staff continued to take shape on Tuesday with the addition of former NBA All-Star Jerry Stackhouse.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The Toronto Raptors continued adding to an ever-growing coaching staff on Tuesday, lining up former NBA All-Star Jerry Stackhouse to join Dwane Casey's staff as an assistant in the fall.

With addition of the 18-year NBA veteran, Toronto ensured the presence of something that was lacking on last year's staff: the pedigree of an ex-player:

Stackhouse quietly had a tremendous career in his nearly two-decade-long run in the league - highlighted by a 2000-2001 season with Detroit that saw him post 29.8 points, 5.1 rebounds and 3.9 assists per game, as well as a Finals appearance with Dallas in 2006.

On top of his success and undeniable skills on the court, Stackhouse is fondly remembered as one of the most fiery guys in the NBA, more than once finding himself chucking knuckles with an opposing player (or teammate for that matter).

Jeff Hornacek, Manu Ginobili, Shaq - all were among those who felt that wrath of Stackhouse at one point or another - and if it weren't for teammate Devin Harris, Jazz coach Jerry Sloan could have been added to that list in 2007.

As far as what Stackhouse will bring as a coach, he should be able to relate to the team in a way recent Raptors coaches haven't been able to. Stackhouse saw a lot in his career, and any tidbit of knowledge or advice he can pass on to what is still a young and relatively inexperienced roster will be invaluable.

Terrence Ross in particular could stand to benefit from the hire. His lackadaisical nature has been on full display throughout his Raptors career. Hopefully having a mentor like Stackhouse, who was able to have long-term success at the wing position, can be a motivational tool for the enigmatic Ross as he enters a pivotal season as it relates to his future in the NBA.

Additionally, the fact that he operates a GTA-based AAU team illustrates his commitment to the Toronto area - that may or may not mean something to the Raptors' players, but it should make him a fan favourite on the coaching staff at the very least.

Of course, as our very own Harsh Dave astutely pointed out in the wake of the news, there is only one thing that Stackhouse really needs to excel at in his first season with the Raptors:

What are your thoughts on the hiring of Stack?