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Report: LaMarcus Aldridge to meet with Raptors in Free Agency

Pause for dramatic effect.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Do not adjust your monitor. That name you see up there is not David Aldridge, noted NBA TV analyst, but is in fact LaMarcus Aldridge, noted NBA All-Star and free agent. Apparently, he plans on meeting with the Toronto Raptors brass to discuss his plans in said free agency.

Let's all take a deep breath.

According to league sources on RealGM, Aldridge will also be talking with the San Antonio Spurs (the presumed favourites) and the Houston Rockets (because they get involved in everything). There are obvious merits for him to join either team and It's worth mentioning that Aldridge is also from Texas, which may weigh on his decision.

The odds of Aldridge (who, elephant in the room aside, the Raptors could have drafted in 2006) actually signing with Toronto appear slim right now. We've been conditioned to assume no true top-flight talent will come here, and when you look on the history of big Toronto signings (Hedo Turkoglu!), history backs this up.

But, but, but, there is something to be said for these big names to at least be considering Toronto. Sure, maybe this info is only being used to leverage better contracts out of Los Angeles or San Antonio or whoever, but it does at least create the perception that star players may want to come here. For the Raptors to be allowed in the room with big name free agents is a step in the right direction.

And, good God, does it ever stimulate the imagination. LaMarcus Aldridge on the Raptors... just think about it.