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Is this the new Raptors D-League team logo?

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It has apparently leaked. But is this the actual logo for the "Raptors 905"?

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

While the official announcement for the Raptors D-League affiliate is supposed to be tomorrow, information has already leaked on the internet.

It has been reported (by the Toronto Star and Sun) that the team will be based in the Hershey Centre. There is the rumour that the team will be called something to the effect of "Raptors 905". (Which, um, FYI, is a dumb name.) And now, apparently, we may have a logo?

See for yourself:

Is this the logo for the Raptors new D-League team? (a.k.a. the home team of one, Bruno Caboclo?)

What do you guys think?