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This Summer in Social: Bruno and Bebe are Great

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Your regular look inside the lives of the Toronto Raptors, including those who may not be Toronto Raptors much longer.

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It's been a while, but with the draft and free agency imminent, it seemed like a mighty good time to run this column back and look at how the Toronto Raptors are faring on social media. After all, this is the last time we'll be covering this 2014-15 group of players before the roster changes start to add up (try not to cheer too loudly).

We'll start with Lou Williams, who took some time this month to manually RT a bunch of fans and spit hot truths about the other Raptors players.

Terrence Ross took a lower road on his message to fans. Or maybe this is aimed at bloggers. Given that this Instagram post went up shortly after my player review of Ross, I'm going to assume he's sub-posting me. I'm famous!

A photo posted by Terrence Ross (@3tross1) on

With the emergence of superstar Riley Curry, it looks like Toronto's leaders and leading fathers are attempting similar exploitation of their children. Admittedly, it's pretty cute, but only a 5 on the 1-to-Riley scale.

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Finally, I devote the last of my space to Bruno Caboclo and Lucas Nogueira, whose Bruno and Bebe bromance knows not the time boundaries of the NBA season. Since the playoffs ended, they've been in the gym with DeAndre Daniels almost every day. After those practices, with the team locker room to themselves, they've created some solid gold.

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Anything I missed? Will you miss any of these guys if they go? I will report anyone who says they won't miss Bruno or Bebe, because you're lying and wrong.