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Poll: Who should the Toronto Raptors draft at no. 20?

Or a better question: can we get a consensus here?

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

The NBA Draft starts tonight at 7pm with the Minnesota Timberwolves set to make the first pick. Kentucky's Karl-Anthony Towns is apparently locked in at number one but questions remain about the rest of the field. Where does Kristaps Porzingis go? Will the Knicks do something crazy? Is Jahlil Okafor really about to drop down the board? So many questions!

The Raptors, meanwhile, will be sitting back at no. 20 biding their time. There is a sizeable group of players who very well may be available for them then. More questions abound. For our part, we've reviewed the mock drafts, we've asked the HQ staff, but now it's time to ask you, the community.

Who should the Raptors pick at number 20?

Fire away!