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"We're open for business," says GM Masai Ujiri two days before NBA Draft

Masai Ujiri spent time Tuesday morning to talk about what he expects from the upcoming NBA draft and more.

Peter Llewellyn-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier today, Toronto Raptors GM Masai Ujiri spoke with the media about the upcoming NBA draft and the buzz leading up to it. With the Raptors not wanting to disappoint again, the pressure to obtain a player who can impact the team has immediately intensified.

With the rumour mill at full speed, it's not hard for players to get caught up in all the buzz. Ujiri was asked about the recent comments from Raptors' point guard Greivis Vasquez, who said he's receiving interest from a few teams but wants to stay in Toronto. It's strange for a player, who remains under a contract, to go public with such comments. Vasquez later tweeted his love for Toronto.

Ujiri, who is always closed mouthed about the actual behind the scenes of any decision, was quick to downplay Vasquez' comments saying it's far from the truth.

Holding only the 20th pick, Masai suggested that he would try to get another draft pick:

Ujiri also acknowledged that Toronto has started narrowing down its choices:

With the Raptors far from a finished product, Masai said changes are coming, though maybe not the ones you'd expect. (He also admitted that he messed up!)

Aside from the much anticipated NBA Draft, Masai touched based on the D-League team expected to come to the GTA. He said theres still some work that needs to be done in securing a franchise but remains hopeful that it will launch next season.

Ujiri has constantly preached for the acquisition of a D-League team saying it would work wonders on Bruno Caboclo and BeBe Nogueira. Considering how much they've hyped up a team, it would be disappointing if MLSE and the Raptors couldn't deliver.

So, what do you guys think of Masai's comments?