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Raptors host fifth (and presumably) final pre-draft workout today

The Raptors really want to see all of their options before the NBA Draft this Thursday.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

We're into the weeds of the NBA Draft - a world of massive speculation, misdirection and, let's admit it, confusion. The names of the next batch of NBA rookies will be called on Thursday and we're still no closer to figuring out who the Raptors will pick at number 20. And given that this is the team that shocked the world (the world!) last year by picking Bruno Caboclo, everything is on the the table.

But enough hyperbole, today is about the three names at the ACC this morning for the fifth and presumably final pre-draft workout. Their names are:

Richaun Holmes, Forward, 6-9, Bowling Green
Stefan Nastic, Centre, 6-11, Stanford
Dakari Johnson, Centre, 7-0, Kentucky

One again we defer to the scholars at Draft Express to confirm where these guys may end up in the draft. Both Richaun Holmes and Dakari Johnson are projected as mid- to late-round second round picks (47 and 40, respectively). While Stefan Nastic, a Thornhill, Ontario native (!), who just graduated as a psych major from Stanford University, remains off the mock draft board. He also happens to be 6'11'. This is the face of a man who can dunk on you and then ask you how it feels.

Anyway, what do you guys think of the players in the ACC today? How are you feeling about the NBA Draft? Let's hear it.