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Surprise: Raptors host a fourth pre-draft workout today

A previously unscheduled fourth Raptors pre-draft workout is happening this morning at the ACC. Let's check out who is in.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

So remember when I said the Raptors were set to hold only three pre-draft workouts? Turns out I was mistaken. They had a fourth one planned all along! Now, I have no insight into the Raptors' ongoing draft process; who's in? Who's out? Who will they pick? No idea. But I do know the NBA draft is serious business. And protection of the information gleaned in these workouts is paramount. It'll be a mystery right up until the night of June 25th.

Anyway, here are the six players in the ACC this morning for the pre-draft workout:

Terry Rozier Guard 6-2 Louisville
R.J. Hunter Guard 6-5 Georgia State
J.P. Tokoto Guard 6-6 North Carolina
Phil Greene IV Guard 6-2 St. John's
Tekele Cotton Guard 6-2 Wichita State
Jarekious Bradley Guard 6-5 SE Missouri State

As you can see from the heights of these guys, the Raptors are looking at guards and wing players. For a team looking at a backcourt without Lou Williams, coupled with the unsure progress of Terrence Ross, this makes sense. (To say nothing of their first backup being Greivis Vasquez.)

According to Draft Express (my guiding light), R.J. Hunter is looking like the top prospect of this group. He's ranked at no. 21, with Rozier in at no. 29 in the first round. After that we go to some reaches with Tokoto at no. 43, and a bunch of names (Tekele! Jarekious! Phil!) currently unranked. Do we have another Bruno situation brewing?

What do you guys think of this group of players?