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Bovada Has The Raptors At 40-1 To Win The Title Next Year

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Yes, you can gamble on the 2016 season already

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The Finals ended yesterday, so of course we woke up today and the odds for the 2016 NBA champion are up. Per Bovada, you can find the whole list here (scroll to the bottom to see it, the top is college basketball).

The Cavaliers are the favorites, at 3-to-1 to win the title, followed by the defending champs Warriors at 5-for-1. The Raptors? They're listed at 40-to-1, with the Trail Blazers and the Wizards.

Ahead of Toronto in the East: Cleveland, Chicago, Atlanta, Indiana and Miami.

Of course, the draft, free agency and trades will change the landscape, for better or worse, but this is where the Raptors are at per the oddsmakers.

Sidenote: what odds would you put at the Raptors winning a playoff round next year? That bet is probably more fun than this one.