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Recapping the Raptors final pre-draft workout starring Montrezl Harrell and Kevon Looney

Another six names came through the ACC today for the Raptors' pre-draft workout. Afterwards, Montrezl Harrell and Kevon Looney spoke with the media.

Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

For the third and final time before Draft Day on June 25th, the Raptors welcomed a select group of players into the ACC for a workout. The standout names included Louisville junior Montrezl Harrell and UCLA freshman Kevon Looney. The other players in attendance were Jabril Trawick, Michale Kyser (getting a second look), Delon Wright (who was seen leaving early having tweaked something), and Gerald Beverly (taking the place of the injured-in-a-prior-workout Cliff Alexander).

Montrezl Harrell

With Harrell, it appears the Raptors are looking at a workhorse. "Pure intensity," was how Director of Scouting Dan Tolzman described him. And when asked how he saw himself, Harrell was quick to mention why he was here. "[To show] my hard working effort, relentless on both ends of the backboard, just getting up and down the floor playing."

Harrell, a junior from Louisville, won a national championship his freshman year and has been working his draft stock up ever since. Last season he averaged 15.7 points and 9.2 rebounds for Louisville, while showing off his relentless work ethic. Tolzman referred to him as a "Kenneth Faried-type guy", which is noteworthy because the Raps' have shown interest in the actual Faried. On top of that, given the likely departure of Amir Johnson, Toronto will probably be looking for a defense-first rebounder. On Harrell's slightly undersized 6'7" frame, Tolzman reminded "he's got like a 7'4" wingspan, which is something, it makes up for it so much to where he probably plays like he's 6'9" just as much as he's 6'7." So there's that.

Harrell is still floating around in that low-to-mid 20s spot in most mock drafts so the Raptors should have a chance to grab him at 20 if they are so inclined.

Kevon Looney

For Looney, today was about trying to show "all of my versatility, at UCLA they show a lot of my rebounding, my down low stuff and some of my wing stuff, and show everything I can do." Looney went on to say he believed he could play either forward positions. At a slight 6'9" (he gives up 30 pounds to Harrell, for example), Looney is not exactly the vision of your typical PF, but he did acknowledge he'd have to get stronger to play both positions well.

On the other hand, the numbers don't lie. Looney put up 11.6 points and 9.2 rebounds, while hitting over 40 percent from three as a freshman at UCLA. The potential appears to be there. "We feel pretty lucky to have gotten him in here for a workout," said Tolzman afterwards. "The production he put up as a freshman in one of the best conferences in America, it's pretty impressive." Tolzman went on to note that Looney spent a lot of time out on the perimeter in high school, but was also one of the better rebounders in the NCAA. It speaks to the versatility Looney himself believes he possesses; the magical term "stretch-4" was even mentioned.

Now, Looney is currently sitting in the late teens in most mock drafts, so the Raptors may not get a chance to pick him. But then again, who knows? We'll see come June 25th.

What do you guys think of these prospects?