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Raptors get set for second day of pre-draft workouts

More players. More hope. The Raptors invite six new players in for day two of their pre-draft workouts.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

We're still 15 days away from the NBA Draft (and in the throes of an awesome Finals series), but the Raptors continue to do their due diligence. Today the team welcomes six new players in for the second of three pre-draft workouts. As you'll recall, Toronto already got a look at some of the bigger names expected to be on the board at number 20.

Today, there are not so many big names. Here's who's up:

Norman Powell, Guard, 6-4, UCLA
Rashad Vaughn, Guard, 6-5, UNLV ‎
Duje Dukan, Forward, 6-10, Wisconsin
Christian Wood, Forward, 6-10, UNLV
Darion Atkins, Forward, 6-8, Virginia
Michale Kyser, Forward, 6-10, Louisiana Tech

Via the savants at Draft Express, the biggest name of the group appears to be UNLV's Rashad Vaughn. They've got him going at no. 21. His draft profile indicates he can score, but inefficiently. (Cue every Raps fan screaming "noooo!") And, oh yeah, he tore the meniscus in his left knee. Meanwhile, his UNLV teammate Christian Wood is also projected to go late in the first round. Let's hope they keep it cordial.

From the rest of the group only UCLA guard Norman Powell appears set to slip into the second round. But, and this is important, the Raptors are actually without a second round pick thanks to the Lou/Bebe-Salmons trade with Atlanta. Of the other names, I can confirm that Duje Dukan is Croatian and that Michale Kyser is tired of your "Soze" jokes.

What do you guys think of the latest group of prospects?