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Poll: What Should the Raptors do with Kyle Lowry?

By the end of last season, it appeared as though Kyle Lowry, 29 year old All-Star, was spent. What should the Raptors do with him now?

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

After discussing free agents-to-be Amir Johnson and Lou Williams, coach Dwane Casey, and starters Jonas Valanciunas, DeMar DeRozan and Terrence Ross, we arrive at our final significant Raptor: Kyle Lowry.

If you've read Harsh Dave's piece from earlier today (DO IT), you'll see a hopeful profile. We all know how good a player Kyle Lowry is and how good he can be when in the right situation. We know that things took a weird turn this past season after DeRozan got injured, after that increasingly silly All-Star campaign, after the maniacal minutes burden began to take a toll on his body. Still, Lowry is Lowry. And for two more years - at least - he's the Raptors' main guy.

The decision point here between Lowry and the Raptors is a bit different. Unlike some of his teammates, Lowry is locked in tightly to a team and player friendly deal for the next three years. That third year is a player option and much like DeRozan, it's not impossible to see a scenario where Lowry opts out to look for a new (bigger) deal under the new CBA. Still, he's a very good point guard in a league filled with very good point guards.

Also, he'll also be heading into his age-32 season by the time of his opt-out year. Lowry will be reaching the point when guards (not named Nash) usually begin to see there athletic skills begin to fade. Is Lowry the type of player to buck this trend? Is the Raptors title window likely to grow wider or smaller in the next two years? Is Lowry your championship-calibre point guard?

Let's head to the poll and decide: What should the Raptors do with Kyle Lowry?