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Checking in on the (Former) Raptors in the Playoffs

While Toronto is out of the 2014-15 playoffs, the second round rages on. How are some former Raptors doing out there?

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

So the playoffs didn't go too well for the Raptors. What else is new? While I'm all for grousing about the team's fate, bemoaning the sweep, and generally wondering if Toronto will ever get its due, the NBA playoffs continue.

Did you know a bunch of former Raptors are currently playing for teams in the second round? No? Well then, let's take a look at how they're doing. Some are up, some are down, and some... well, maybe they wish they could still be on the Raptors.

[EDIT: Yes, thanks to kleizassic, I realize I forgot Joey Dorsey on this list. He played 43 games for the worst Raps team in 15 years and has 1 assist and 1 foul so far in these playoffs. Let's just agree to move on.]

The Hopefuls

Austin Daye, Atlanta Hawks

The record books show that Daye played for the Raptors in eight games and scored a total of eight points (in 33 total minutes, which is good I guess?) He has yet to play one second in these playoffs for the Hawks. Sad Daye.

Rasual Butler, Washington Wizards

While many of us probably forget this now, Butler actually played half a season for the Raps. (He even started 14 games! Who knew?) This was in 2011-12, the year the team went 23-43 and was still waiting for Jonas Valanciunas to show up. Butler was out of the league the following year before inexplicably lighting it up for the Wizards this year (7.7 points per game at 35 years old!) He got into two games in the first round series against the Raptors, with most of his time in that disastrous Game 4 blowout.

Kris Humphries, Washington Wizards

Speaking of blowout, there was a time when Humphries was a viable double-double machine for the Nets. What happened? He played for the Raps for a couple of years and insisted on trying to do more than he was capable of. Since the Wizards already have a forward who does that (Drew Gooden), Hump hasn't gotten much time in these playoffs, only playing in the aforementioned garbage fire of Game 4. You know what, I don't like this section anymore.

The (Forced) Role Players

Hedo Turkoglu, Los Angeles Clippers

The one time saviour of the Raptors, Hedo Turkoglu, has seen better days. Sure, he's been getting minutes for the Clippers in these playoffs, but mostly its because their bench is so terrible they have to play him. He spends most of his time waving his arms futilely for the ball, picking up fouls at an alarming rate (four in seven minutes last night), and wearing what looks like a T-shirt under his jersey. I don't even have a joke here.

Shawn Marion, Cleveland Cavaliers

Pressed into service because of the unfortunate Kevin Love injury, Marion finds himself, at 36, suddenly a semi-necessary piece (if you squint hard) for a Cavaliers team playing the remains of Kendrick Perkins for 12 minutes (!!!) in 2015. Marion is a former champion, and one of the more unique players in league history, so he does bring something to the table (for four to six minutes, apparently). Sorry about those 27 useless Raptors games, Shawn.

Still Useful

Leandro Barbosa, Golden State Warriors

The Brazilian blur is still, still, out here running around with his familiar head-bobbing stride. (How fun would it have been to have Barbosa with Bruno and Bebe on the team this year? Is there still time to make this happen?) As a Warrior backing up MVP Steph Curry, Barbosa doesn't have to do too much, obviously. But for a team with championship aspirations his production may prove to be significant. He's played in every post-season game for Golden State so far, and even potted 14 points in their Game 2 losing effort against Memphis. Good on you, Leandro!

Vince Carter, Memphis Grizzlies

Ah yes, our old friend Vincent Lamar Carter. Raise your hand if you thought we'd be out here watching Carter bombing threes (well, OK, he's 3-for-14 in the playoffs, but still) and dunking (yes, dunking) in the 2015 playoffs. Carter is obviously not the Air Canada Carter of old, but like Barbosa, he can flash that veteran savvy and make buckets. And it bears repeating that he's 38 years old. We thought Carter was washed up in Orlando, and then he looked totally disintegrated in Phoenix. Yet here we are, four years after that, and he's a strong bench player for a tough, elite Western Conference team. What's left to say?

Now, let's see which Raptors are left standing in the third round. What do you guys think?