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Poll: What should the Raptors do with Terrence Ross?

Terrence Ross is set to enter his fourth year in the league next season and questions abound. What should the Raptors do with their enigmatic swingman?

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

This should be fun. Playing basketball, I mean. For some of the players on the Raptors, it certainly looks that way. DeMar DeRozan approaches the game like an artist, showing off his flashy footwork to finish shots over, around and on top of his opponents. Kyle Lowry's game is predicated on endless horsepower (well, OK, after this season, maybe not endless). His joy comes from proving others wrong.

But then what is there to say about Terrence Ross?

If you read Chris Walder's piece from earlier today on Ross, you'll be left with questions. (Just go and read it, and begin forming your questions.)

The Raptors have been here before with young players. This is a team that invested years in Andrea Bargnani and Joey Graham. That hoped for the best from Yogi Stewart. While Ross has shown more talent than the latter two (and more energy than Il Mago), they all share a similar removed sense of passion; there's a distinct lack of fun in their games.

With Ross--former dunk champion, owner of a 51 point game--the game can look so easy for him. At other times, it looks like he'd rather be somewhere, anywhere, else.

Like his teammate Jonas Valanciunas, Ross is entering the final year of his rookie contract. The Raptors are coming to a decision point: extend him, offer the qualifying offer, or let Ross go into free agency. With Jonas, the question feels a little more settled, his value more apparent. With Ross, there is only the tantalizing glimpses of potential set against a maddening disappearing act. And through it all his demeanour has remained unchanged.

While I may have led the discussion here, let's go to the poll anyway. What do you think the Raptors should do with Terrence Ross?

Make the call!