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Raptors Ambassador Drake set to open exclusive club at the ACC

We're now taking bets on how often Drake will actually show up there.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Despite no-showing at the ACC for most of 2015 (and, ahem, paling around with Paul Pierce; not that we're bitter), it turns out our native son Drake has been hard at work. Apparently there's more to this Ambassador life than just accruing fines on behalf of MLSE.

As he reports on Instagram, Drake's exclusive new members only lounge Sher Club (named after his grandparents; cue "awwwww") is set to open soon:

BlogTO reports that the club will be "the most exclusive establishment inside Air Canada Centre, tucked away in an intimate 4,000 sq. ft. space." From the picture provided, it does look suitably opulent for its invite only status.

For us (your Joe Q. Raptors fan) this probably doesn't mean a whole lot, but you can try to snag an invitation here anyway.

(Let me know if you get one. I'd, uh, like to visit and report back.)