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Terrence Ross Undergoes Surgery To Remove Bone Spurs From His Left Ankle

It was an injury he played through at the end of the season.

John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

A bit of Terrence Ross news from over the weekend:

Ross had an underwhelming season this year, and didn't show the development some expected after the potential he showed in his first two seasons in Toronto. He is eligible for an extension this summer, but it might be beneficial for both sides to wait until next summer when Ross becomes a restricted free agent to decide on whether there's a long term future here in Toronto.

For the Raptors, it gives them another year to evaluate rather than committing to Ross on a multi-year deal with so many question marks still about his game and ability to be a consistent rotation player over 82 games and in the playoffs. For Ross, next season will give him chance to build up his value before he hits (restricted) free agency in a summer when the salary cap will soar due to the new television deal.

For those who really want to know, Ross was recovering in the hospital over the weekend and according to his Instagram, was watching Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.