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Report: Raptors Have Let Bill Bayno and Tom Sterner Go

The shakeup begins.

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Last week, it was reported that Dwane Casey was most likely returning, but had been encouraged by Masai Ujiri to consider changes to his staff. Today, the shakeup began:

For now, Nick Nurse and Jesse Mermuys are safe. Whether it means they'll return remains to be seen, although an educated guess would be yes, given that if the entire staff was to be let go, it would have happened all at once.

Another outcome from this news is that this probably pushes us even closer to pretty much confirming Casey's return. If Ujiri was going to hire a new head coach, he would probably make that announcement, and then have his new coach decide the fate of the assistants. By letting go on Bayno and Sterner, it appears the Raptors will re-tool the staff around Casey, and see if that can make a difference next year (with a different roster too, of course).

What does everyone think?