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Report: Dwane Casey Expected To Return, Staff Changes Expected

The head coach, according to reports, will return. But there will be changes.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Since Masai Ujiri said at his season-ending press conference that he was evaluating Dwane Casey's role as head coach of the team, there's been a lot of speculation as to whether the Raptors would make a coaching change after an embarrassing sweep to the Wizards in the first round.

Now, there appears to be some clarity, according to Steve Simmons (and other sources):

Per Eric Koreen, when Ujiri took over two summers ago, Casey -- who was hired by Bryan Colangelo -- had to bring in Bill Bayno, Jesse Murmuys and Nick Nurse as assistants. This would be his second round of staff changes.

While some change -- whether it was in the coaching staff, or the roster (and that's yet to come, for sure) -- was necessary after a disappointing finish and really, uneven play for the last four months of the season, Ujiri isn't making any moves to just satisfy the fanbase's thirst for blood. If this is indeed the direction the Raptors are going in, Ujiri wants to give Casey another chance, with a different staff, likely a change in offensive and defensive philosophy, with (some) new players to execute it.

What does everyone think?