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Poll: What should the Raptors do with Dwane Casey?

Let's keep this one simple: should the Raptors keep or fire head coach Dwane Casey?

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Since the Pelicans decided to fire their coach Monty Williams today, we're back to talking about coaches here in Toronto. Are the situations comparable? Some things to bear in mind: Williams was given a mandate to make the playoffs or else. He managed (with a Brow-sized helping hand) to guide New Orleans into the eighth seed of a brutal Western Conference. Yes, the team got killed by Golden State, but they showed heart (and we still cower in fear of the coming Anthony Davis onslaught, getting closer all the time).

We know what happened with Dwane Casey's Raptors squad. The nightmares will not leave us.

I've been putting up polls for the past two weeks to try to understand where Raptors fans are these days. It has been eye-opening in some respects (and totally unremarkable in others). What we've learned so far: extend Jonas, keep DeRozan, trade Ross (no surprise), trade Lowry (big surprise). And the jury remains out on Amir and Lou (poll coming later this week).

So we'll circle back now to ask about the most successful coach (by win total if not playoff success) in Raptors history: Dwane Casey.

Are you down to fire him? Or would you like the Raptors to give him another chance?

(And hey, let's keep all the coach talk here instead of in Hackett's sterling salary cap summary.)