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Discuss: Should The Raptors Just Hold Kyle Lowry Out Until The Playoffs?

Or would you like to see him get some reps before that.

John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

A topic on people's minds -- especially with just six games left in the regular season -- is whether it would be beneficial for Kyle Lowry to get some game action prior to the start of the playoffs, even if it's just for a game, or even a quarter.

Lowry has made it clear he will not rush back, and his injury is more serious than some regular wear and tear that's caused him to miss games.

Still, is there any case for Lowry to consider coming back (if he's ready of course), or should the Raptors just hold him out until Game 1 of the playoffs even if he's ready to play before that, in order to avoid risking another injury at this point.

Your thoughts?