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Quick Stat Hits: Late-season, Injury-riddled Raptors Shootaround

With the Raptors playing poorly, and key players out with injuries, there's not much to be gleaned or analyzed in the Raptors' recent play. Here are some random tidbits that stick out right now.

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Lately in Quick Stat Hits we've covered lots of big picture questions--what the rotation should look like in the playoffs, the good and bad bits of DeRozan's game, the missing pieces on defence, and the viability of the offence. With all the losing though, and with key injuries plaguing the team, let's just take a look at a few quick random stats.

Greivis Vasquez's Defence

Vasquez sports a -1.95 defensive Real Plus Minus (DRPM), allows his opponents to shoot 10 percent better than usual within six feet of the rim, and 4 percent better than usual from three. Kyle Lowry has a +1.4 DRPM, and his opponents shoot only 3 percent better than average within six feet of the rim and seven percent worse than usual from long range. Do we miss our starting PG defensively? Better believe it.

Inside Offence

Among all players with at least 250 attempts inside five feet this year, James Johnson is ranked sixth in FG%. Amir Johnson is ranked 19th, and Jonas Valanciunas is 26th. Going inside more often may be to the Raptors' advantage.

Lou Williams the Point Guard

On the year, Lowry has an assist percentage of 31 percent, and Vasquez posts a 25 percent. In the past nine games (with Lowry only appearing in one), Lou has posted a 16 percent assist percentage while backing up the PG spot, while Vasquez has dropped to 17 percent. Part of that is DeMar DeRozan passing more (20 percent versus 17 percent) but he can't make up the difference himself.

Basically: please come back, Kyle and Amir (when you are healthy, that is). The Raptors aren't great with you, but without you they are terrible.

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