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Fresh Look: New Raptors Logos for 2015-16 Make an Appearance

The Raptors new set of logos to be used next season were sent out on Twitter last night.

John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

Following Sunday night's demoralizing loss, the big board outside the Air Canada Centre beamed this message to the loyal fans who stuck around in Jurassic Park:

At the bottom was the much scrutinized and debated over new logo, looking the best it has in any rendition in its red hue.

Last night on Twitter, the primary and alternate logo, along with the "special application" OVO themed logo, was floated out for the new home and away jerseys:

Personally I'm OK with the font, and both the primary and alternate logos. I prefer the alternate in its black and white simplicity but the primary isn't too shabby either. I do take issue with the OVO logo though, and maybe that's because I've soured on Drake as this season came to a close. (Though, as has been suggested, there may be a bit of a rift between Drake's people and MLSE on the logo.)

During the second half of the season he was noticeably absent from almost every home game as the team spiraled downwards and then there was the now infamous picture of Drake being buddy-buddy with Paul Pierce:

Regardless of how you feel about the new logos, as fellow HQ writer Russell Peddle says, at least we're not the Clippers right?

What do you guys think?