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Report: Dwane Casey Expected To Return Next Season

The Raptors head coach is expected to return.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

After getting swept by the Wizards in round one, everyone's attention turned to Dwane Casey, who has two years left on his contract (the last year is a team option), and whether Masai Ujiri would fire his coach after such an embarrassing exit.

According to ESPN's Marc Stein, Ujiri -- who will hold his season ending press conference at 11 pm tomorrow -- has decided to bring Casey back for next season:

There will be outrage from a certain segment of the fanbase about this decision. For me, the offseason breaks down simply as Ujiri deciding how much of the fault belongs to the coaching staff, and how much to the personnel. The Raptors finished 23rd in defensive efficiency this season, but how much of it is because of the roster, and if Ujiri -- as many expects -- retools this roster, will Casey be able to mold this team into a top-ten defensive team (as they were last year) again?

It sounds like he's going to bet on it, or at least give it another year to see whether Casey is the right coach for whatever roster will begin next season.