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Dwane Casey: The High School Stud Behind the Rotation Decisions

You may not like his decision to bench James Johnson, but Dwane Casey will win you back with pictures of his high school days.

John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

Have you soured on Dwane Casey? This first round matchup between the Toronto Raptors and Washington Wizards was billed as a series featuring two struggling teams. Underneath that, though, is something more resigned - a segment of each team's fanbase that hopes their team loses so their maligned head coach can get fired.

This is not going to be a defense of Casey. I've been too much of a flip-flopper on the whole "Fire Casey" movement to compose a valid argument for one side or the other. I will say this, if you feel like you hate the Raptors head coach, maybe these high school pictures will help humanize the man behind the decisions.

Casey appeared in a taped segment on Canada A.M. before the Game 1 tip, discussing his team, coaching in Toronto, and more. There was some lighter fare too. Here, Casey gets shown high school photos of himself and, honestly, it's pretty endearing. He's been a pretty tight-lipped dude, so seeing him crack up is fairly awesome.

A clip of the segment, with Casey's reactions to the photos below, can be seen on Bardown. Here are the photos, featuring an all-world shirt that Casey calls "his favourite". If you love it, coach, bring it back for Game 2.

Say what you will about his coaching, but Casey's style game is 40 years strong and still going hard.