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Off Day Question: When Will Paul Pierce Learn Masai Ujiri's Name?

An important subplot.

John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

2014: Masai Ujiri says "F--- Brooklyn." Paul Pierce responded: "Really? I'm shocked that Bryan Colangelo would say that."

2015: Masai Ujiri says "I don't give a sh-t about 'it'." Pierce responds: "Typical Uri."

So, in a world where Pierce plays forever and faces the Raptors in the playoffs every year, it might continue like this:

2016: Pierce, "It's old hat at this point. I would expect nothing less from Mark."

2017: Pierce, "They've still never beat me in the playoffs. So Jiri can keep talking all he wants."

2018: Pierce, "I have no response to what Eugene said. It is what it is."

2019: Pierce, "I'm sick of hearing about this from Rob Babcock every year."

2020: Pierce, "Just stop it please, Masai Ujiri. There, I said it."