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Raptors vs. Wizards. Game 1

After 82 long games, Toronto and the ACC kick off the NBA Playoffs this afternoon.

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

Where to Watch: TSN National

After a long wait, and tons of jockeying in the final few days, we have our opponent, the Washington Wizards. The Raptors have beaten the Wizards in 6 of their last 7 meetings, dating back to last season. On paper, the Raptors are rightfully the favourites.

But these are two teams that limped into the playoffs on questionable form. Both played .500 ball from the new year onwards. Expect this to be a closely contested series two polar opposite teams. This matchup hinges on the Raptors' potent offence vs. the Wizards' commendable defence. Whichever team can limit the other's strength has a good shot at advancing to the next round.

Last year, Toronto (the city) took the World by storm with the atmosphere inside and outside the Air Canada Centre. This year, we get to kick off the playoffs again. The city and the arena will be rocking, pushing the boys on from the opening tip. Really, there's nothing else to say. After this game we'll have a lot more to talk about.

Enjoy this day, Raptors fans, we've only had a few opportunities to experience this in the last 20 years. GO RAPS!