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Weekend Poll: Will the Raptors get 50 wins or the 4-seed?

A 50 win season or the four-seed? That's in play.

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Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Just two games left and the Raptors sit at 48-32. The team is banged up and presumably tired. We're tired. Everyone just wants the playoffs to start (or, depending on your temperament, for this season to end).

Still, there are two games left.

The Raptors will be in Boston to take on the 37-42 Celtics on Tuesday. And then, in what can only be described as some sort of delightful cosmic occurrence, the final game of the regular season will see the Raps take on Charlotte at the ACC on Wednesday. Now, the pressure is off a little bit here, for numerous reasons. One, the Raps clinched home court already; two, they beat the Hornets last week in Charlotte; three, just start the playoffs already.

So now we get to the big question: Will the Raptors get to 50 wins, a first in franchise history? Or will they lose a game or two and content themselves with fourth place, a first round matchup with the Wizards and a potential second round matchup with the Hawks (who are at least friendlier than the Cavaliers)?

That's the toss up. And I leave it to you. 50 wins or the 4th seed?

Let's go to the poll.

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