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Raptors-Wolves: Who Will Andrew Wiggins Dunk On Tonight?

Toronto looks for their third straight win in Minnesota.

Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Where to watch: 8 p.m., TSN2

If you missed it on Monday, Andrew Wiggins dunked on Rudy Gobert not once, but twice.*

If I'm Jonas Valanciunas, I'm staying out of the way tonight. Aside from Wiggins, the 'Wolves won't be fielding a particularly intimidating lineup. Earlier this week, head coach Flip Saunders confirmed that Nikola Pekovic would be shut down for the season. It's been awhile since we've seen Kevin Garnett as well. The 'Wolves don't have much incentive to win, and even if they try, they're just not very good with the current roster right now.

So, for Toronto, it's a chance to build on a feel good home win over the Rockets on Monday. DeMar DeRozan will look to continue his impressive week in Minnesota, coming off a career high 42 points in the win on Monday.

Kyle Lowry remains out for the Raptors, who now need to go 6-2 to hit 50 wins. It's not really a target the team is aiming for, but it would be nice, and hey, maybe after clinching the Atlantic Division last week, the Raptors can regroup and get focused for the playoffs with a nice run over the next few weeks.

Funny how one fun win at home can change the attitude, at least if they can keep it rolling tonight.

Subplot: I wonder if there will be any travelling Raptors fans tonight, and if so, if we'll see any of them in customized Raptors Wiggins jerseys.


*feel free to leave a #WellActually in the comments that Gobert also blocked him once.