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The Morning After: More on Raptors vs. Cavaliers and the Valanciunas-Lebron Foul

Some more thoughts on the Raptors/Cavaliers game, and a look back at a memorable foul. (You know the one I mean.)

John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

So the Raptors lost to the Cavaliers. Before the season began, we believed this was going to happen. Then, after a stirring win in Cleveland, we thought Toronto had Cleveland's number. But now we're sitting here looking at a 1-3 season series and wondering where the time went. With Lebron James, that's just how things go.

Some more notes surrounding the game:

  • Dwane Casey, on the final result of the game: "I was proud the way our team fought and put themselves back in a position to win. We needed one more stop, more more rotation. That's one of those games we shouldn't have dug ourselves such a big hole, but again the fight and the scrap we had is something to build on."
  • David Blatt, on what his team showed: "We expected a hard game. We made it easy for awhile but they came back in great fashion, and then we showed poise and maturity when we had to because that game easily could have gotten away from us, but we didn't allow it to, so good result for us."
  • JR Smith, meanwhile, on what it means to play in Cleveland: "It's enjoyable because with the team that we have I know I don't have to do that much scoring. I don't have to score 15 or 20 points for us to win. I can focus on other areas especially my defence and rebounding."
  • Before you joke, Smith did have eight rebounds in the game. He was also wearing a leather Cavaliers baseball hat post-game. I think Cleveland suits him.
  • Noted Raptor destroyer (and Canadian) Tristan Thompson had 0 points on the night (and just one shot). He chipped in two assists, two steals and a rebound, but this was a guy who had been single-handedly undoing the Raps the last few times these teams played.
  • The two most memorable parts of the game last tonight -- besides Lebron putting Toronto into his world-crusher -- were Lou Williams catching fire in only the way he can. And Jonas Valanciunas bear hugging Lebron for the Flagrant 1.
  • Keep in mind: Lou went for 26 points on eight shots.
  • (Also, should I mention that DeMar DeRozan shot 10-for-19 or will we all just remember his airball late game and his supplementary stats: 0 assists, 1 rebound. Which one do you think?)
  • Lou on JV's foul: "I think a play like that sends a message to the other team that we aren't going to just allow you to keep laying the ball up. I think that's the only thing we can really get out of it, us guys with the uniforms on."
  • Valanciunas: "I was just doing my job, protecting the rim and it doesn't matter how. I wasn't trying to get anyone's attention. An easy foul is not going to work on that player."
  • JV also mentioned that he had two choices as Lebron came barrelling towards him: "ESPN or a foul."
  • I'll give Lebron the last word on the foul and whether or not it should have been returned: "At that point we know that everyone is looking for the reaction. It is the old elementary school house rule, the second guy always gets caught so you just relax and play the game."
  • It's worth mentioning that as Jonas reached to help Lebron up, James was quick to slap his hand away.
How do we feel about a second round 2-3 matchup between Toronto and Cleveland? Hoo boy. Let me know.