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This Week In Social: The Greivis Vasquez Promotional Tour

Your weekly look inside the lives of the Toronto Raptors. Did you hear Greivis Vasquez has a new shoe?

John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

The Toronto Raptors have been somewhat restless on social media the past couple weeks, but as a few players get their seasons turned around, their feeds have followed suit.

Greivis Vasquez's season didn't start strong, but it's come around (on the offensive end, at least) in February and March. With his shot peaking at the right time, he's also been active off the court - releasing his first shoe with Under Armour, The North Six. He really really wants you to know about it too, as he's been tweeting about it nonstop for two weeks.

Yes, that is a running look at his feed. The highlight of Swaggy V's promotional tour is unquestionably this tweet, which is a screenshot of the Foot Locker Instagram and Greivis asking you to find it and like the picture. No explanation why.

Kyle Lowry, meanwhile, brings us the peak moment of #KarterWatch2015, a hashtag I coined and am the only follower of. Nice censorship by Dad here.

A video posted by Kyle Lowry (@kyle_lowry7) on

Lowry also sent his best wishes to Steve Nash in retirement, a cool head nod between point guards.

If you're wondering what Landry Fields has been up to besides riding the pine, he's been getting wedding magazine features with his very attractive wife. I recommend you all pick up Inside Weddings, we can't expect Fields to make a living off the $8.5 million he's earning this year.

Finally, Patrick Patterson continues to be the best and brightest Raptors player on social media. He's been caught up in the Kentucky hype this month, and got into the college spirit with this freshman outfit.

A photo posted by Patrick Patterson (@pdpatt) on

Anything I missed? Did you hear about The North Six? Could you go like photos of the shoe?