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Raptors vs. Pistons: Toronto Swings into Motown

As the playoffs draw ever closer, the Raps continue their late season push for a top three seed in Detroit tonight.

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Where to Watch: TSN

After a mostly cruise-control type win on Sunday against the hapless Knicks, the Raps travel to Detroit tonight to take on the Pistons. The season series between these two teams has been quite entertaining, as the first trip gave us the legendary "Cock that Joint Back" moment, as well as the Pistons stealing a win in Toronto during their surge post Josh Smith trade.

Since then, both teams have been trending downwards, with the Raps in many streaks of ups and downs while the Pistons have entered a free-fall following the loss of Brandon Jennings, making the second half of this season Reggie Jackson's starting point guard tryout for next year.

What will be a point of viewing focus tonight should be Dwane Casey's rotations, as it always seems to be these days. James Johnson has played sparingly of late, but Detroit lacks the wing players with the physicality to guard JJ, so maybe he sees some of Terrence Ross's minutes if the jumper isn't falling tonight. Jonas Valanciunas has been an absolute boss agains the Pistons as well, averaging a double-double of over 20 points and 11 rebounds as well as playing over 30 minutes whenever these two teams hook up.

The defence has been better with Valanciunas on the floor in March, and with Andre Drummond and Greg Monroe as the two offensive threats, hopefully we see JV earning 4th quarter minutes and protecting the rim to his full potential tonight.

What are the rest of the fans watching for tonight?