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The Morning After: Post-Game Notes From the Raptors' Win over the Timberwolves

It was the peak of Wiggins Mania last night after the Raptors beat the T-Wolves 105-100. Here are a few more notes about the game.

Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

In case you missed it, the Toronto Raptors played a basketball game last night. It was against the Minnesota Timberwolves. The Raps won 105-100, which was nice (though the game was a bit of a slog). Ordinarily this would be no big deal, but it was a big deal because Andrew Wiggins Mania has gripped the city.

After the game, Wiggins had words:

A reminder: while everyone was talking about Wiggins playing for Toronto one day, he did say that he was "very, very, very happy in Minnesota." A nation sits on the edge of its seat.

Some other news and notes:
  • Before the game, Raptors' coach Dwane Casey was asked about the matchup with his predecessor Sam Mitchell, who was filling in as head coach of the Wolves. Was it a Casey vs. Mitchell showdown?

"I wish. (laughs) It's not about that at all. It's not about that at all. Got a lot of love and respect for Sam, but it's a player's game."

  • That's nice. And what did Mitchell, always ready to shoot from the hip, have to say about that?

"I wish Dwane all the luck and success going forward. Except for tonight. (smiles)

  • The other dominant storyline of the game (aside from Wiggins and PM Stephen Harper's social media faux pas) was the playing time of Jonas Valanciunas. According to Casey, JV wasn't feeling well, got tired, and asked to come out of the game. So let's all keep our heads here.
  • But seriously, that faux pas from Harper was something, right?

  • In other more grim news, Kyle Lowry suffered an injury in the second half.

  • In the long run I'm sure Lowry will be fine, but it was distressing to see him in the locker room after the game asking for assistance to gather items from the floor. Basketball is a tough game.
  • On the other injury front, the T-Wolves only had eight active players last night (which makes the closeness of the game particularly mystifying). Kevin Garnett did not play, but he was in Toronto. It was quite a sight to see KG and Mitchell, teammates a million years ago, now back in Minnesota together. Time is a tough racket.
  • On a lighter note, with March Madness beginning for real today and Kentucky favoured, Patrick Patterson was quick to trumpet his alma mater. Did he fill out a bracket?

"Of course, I filled out like five brackets. Of course, Kentucky is winning them all."

And there you have it. Time passes us by, get well soon Kyle, and enjoy March Madness.

Oh yeah, and good luck to that kid Andrew Wiggins. It'll be awhile before we're in the thrall of Wiggins Mania again. May as well enjoy it.