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This Week In Social: Amir Johnson’s Gross Toenail

A broken toenail and cyber-bullying highlight your weekly look inside the lives of the Toronto Raptors.

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Well, it’s Friday and you know what that means – time to ignore the sadness on the court and look at the glamour and fame of being a Toronto Raptors player on social media.

Yes, the Raptors just lost two games to the Bucks and Nets. Patrick Patterson understands this is frustrating for everyone involved, and turned me into a puddle of sadness with this tweet after Wednesday's 109-93 loss to Brooklyn.

Patterson was a little more cheerful three days before on Super Bowl Sunday, however, unapologetically begging for more of the goods from Katy Perry.

That's pretty smooth, but not quite as smooth as breaking out Chicken Noodle Soup like it's 2006.

A video posted by Patrick Patterson (@pdpatt) on

Elsewhere, it appears that the new locker room in joke is to take unsuspecting pictures of Tyler Hansbrough and post them online. This kind of seems like cyber-bullying, but for the sake of our lack of depth at the power forward position, please do not call Kids Help Phone on Terrence Ross for this or James Johnson for this:

When you hit turbulence while taking off causes you to pray @masterhansbruh

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Despite getting after the North Carolina product, the Raptors are still a tight-knit crew. Here they’re attempting to take a Pacers-esque photo before getting on the team plane. It’s made much more awkward by the fact that this is a video, not a photo. Come on guys.

A video posted by @broke_3 on

Last but not least, after dropping 17 points and six boards in a win over Washington, Amir Johnson proved he’s tougher than you – tweeting out a photo of his dislodged toenail. Scroll on at your own peril.

What did I miss?