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All-Star Sunday in Social: Kyle Lowry Dunks and Carmelo's Got More Hats

Your daily look inside All-Star Weekend, including what our favourite Raptors point guard is up to.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

For NBA All-Star Weekend, we'll be covering all the events and festivities happening in NYC, with a focus on Toronto's lone representative this year, Kyle Lowry.

Kyle Lowry dunked. I still feel like it might have been a dream, but it really happened. For Lowry, it was his first in six years, and it made a night where he went 2-for-11 from three-point range an easy success.

Here's some other highlights from the All-Star Game in social media. Lowry went vintage plaid for the pre-game look, which was maybe modest considering outlandish Russell Westbrook ended up with the game's MVP. Dress (crazy) for success, Kyle.

After the game, the omni-present Karter Lowry was at the press conference, looking All-Star sharp with the bald fade.

Lowry also dropped some knowledge, giving out his favourite tracks from Drake's new mixtape, "If You're Reading This It's Too Late". One of them was the first track on the album - sounds suspiciously like someone's been too busy to listen to the whole thing.

Other moments included Carmelo Anthony, wearing a hat to mirror his emotions after yet another teammate - Amare Stoudemire - is out the door.

Tim Duncan got real cute with Chris Paul's son. (I'm sorry, future iterations of this column will not be all about children.)

Finally, Beyonce got caught looking.

That's a wrap! Any favourites from last night, or All-Star weekend in general, leave them in the comments.