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NBA All-Star Game 2015: The East and Kyle Lowry vs. The West

With the Skills Challenge, Shooting Stars Competition, Three Point Competition and Dunk Contest now complete, its time for the main event: The All Star Game.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

For the first time since 1998, the All Star Game returns to Madison Square Garden in New York City. Back then the game featured players like Karl Malone, Gary Payton, Michael Jordan, Shawn Kemp, and a 19 year-old Tim Duncan. In contrast, tonight's game will feature names like Steph Curry, Lebron James, our very own Kyle Lowry, and would you look at that: the ageless Tim Duncan.

After arguably the best All-Star Saturday night in recent memory, lets take a look at what awaits us for the last day of the festivities:

NBA All-Star Game 2015

Tip Off: 8:30 ET, TNT

Starting Line-Ups

Eastern Conference

Kyle Lowry-G

John Wall-G

Lebron James-F

Carmelo Anthony-F

Pau Gasol-C

Western Conference

Steph Curry-G

James Harden-G

Klay Thompson-F

Lamarcus Aldridge-F

Marc Gasol-C

A quick look through the rosters reveals what should be an extremely fast paced game, even more-so than most All-Star games. In an interview earlier this week, Lowry said that his goal is to get off to a quick start and by all means avoid shooting an air ball to start the game as has become the norm for first time All Stars.

Like all All-Star games, look for the showdown to lack any kind of defence until a few minutes into the fourth quarter when the players actually start caring about who wins and the likely MVP candidates start posturing. As a biased Raptors fan, I would love to see Lowry in the mix in the games closing moments, but think its more likely that we see a combination of John Wall and Kyrie Irving out on the floor due to the compatibility of their game styles and the All-Star Game.

Anyway, lets hear your thoughts. How will Toronto's lone ambassador at All-Star Weekend perform? Which conference will win?  Lets get it started in the comments!