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All-Star Friday In Social: Kyle Lowry Is So Busy, Win Butler Gets Burned, and Bill Walton's Bare Arms

Your daily look inside All-Star Weekend, including what our favourite Raptors point guard is up to.

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For NBA All-Star Weekend, we'll be covering all the events and festivities happening in NYC, with a focus on Toronto's lone representative this year, Kyle Lowry.

There's been a lot made of Kyle Lowry's fatigue over the last month or so. Starting the season at a breakneck pace tends to catch up to you, and of all the Toronto Raptors who most needed the All-Star break off to rest, it was probably Lowry.

Some of you out there, though, may have been thinking, "Pffft. It can't be that hard to be an All-Star. All you do is show up and play a meaningless basketball game."

Well you, my friend, are wrong.

I've been monitoring Kyle Lowry closely on social media and let me tell you, he is the busiest man in the world. Here's a quick rundown of all the exhausting things he's been doing, among other social media highlights from All-Star Friday.

#Repost @nba ・・・ @kyle_lowry7 of @thetorontoraptors rides into #NBAAllStarNYC!

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Here's Kyle doing an insane photo shoot hanging off subway bars. Can you imagine how many takes it took to get this? How much time he spent suspended in air? That's a workout in itself.

He's also meeting all sorts of celebrities, who are, as we all know, egotistical and generally tiring to be around.

(The cast of Pitch Perfect 2!)

(All-Star Celebrity Game MVP and man of the people Kevin Hart!)

(That band that had that Rude song!)

He's also on Daddy duty. Side note, part of my responsibility with this column is to bring you as much Karter Lowry as possible because, let's face it, there's nothing cuter going on within the Raptors organization (except maybe Bebe's smile - aww).

So that was Lowry's day. He was also court-side for the night's festivities, where Andrew Wiggins was literally a WORLDSTAR, winning MVP of the Rising Stars Competition in a 121-112 World win over USA. I know, though, you're more interested in what the weekend's second-most famous Canadian did in the event prior.

I'm talking, of course, about the lead singer of Arcade Fire, Win Butler - who dropped a sweet reverse in the Celebrity Game, but will best be remembered as the butt end of this tweet.

Finally, without any introduction needed, it's best to close on the man, the legend... Mr. Bill Walton (and his bare old man arms).

And that's just Friday. Enjoy ASG weekend, everybody.