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Kyle Lowry's All-Star Interview with JB Smoove goes exactly how you'd expect

This is what All-Star Weekend is all about.

John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

For NBA All-Star Weekend, we'll be covering all the events and festivities happening in NYC, with a focus on Toronto's lone representative this year, Kyle Lowry.

Just the title of the video made me laugh in anticipation. "Kyle Lowry Interview with JB Smoove All Star Game NYC 2015."

Clearly the Toronto Raptors have arrived.

A three-ish minute interview that I thought would be hilarious came off as more genuine than anything. And this includes the part where Smoove asks Kyle what super power he'd have if Samuel L. Jackson needed him for the next Avengers movie.

JB Smoove: "So what's your attribute man? You wanna fly? Can you turn into an ant? What?"

Kyle Lowry: "Fly. I gotta fly"

Yes, you do Kyle. We believe you can fly. We believe you can touch the sky! In fact, I think about it every night and day. You spread your wings and fly away. We believe you can soar...

Alright, enough.

Seeing Lowry being interviewed by LEON G.D. BLACK really makes it hit home; he's an All-Star. He's our All-Star. To hear him professing his love and admiration for the passion of Toronto basketball fans and his appreciation of our support on a nightly basis is quite something to hear. When asked by Smoove why the people of Canada had called him a 'hero', he responded thusly:

Lowry: I think it's because I stayed. They've had people leave before, and I didn't.

You're effing right Kyle! Damon, Camby, T-Mac, Vince, hell even CB4. Eventually, they all flew the coop. You stayed in the nest. Do raptors nest? They lay eggs, I gotta think they nest. It doesn't matter. They nest now.

I just wish Smoove had repeated his legendary advice to Larry David to Lowry, in preparation for this years playoffs:

The beginning of that clip hasn't aged well! But still, nuggets of gold. Take note, Brooklyn, Washington, Miami, Cleveland, Chicago, Atlanta: KYLE WUZ HERE.

He's gonna leave it open, so you know he's been there.