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Raptors HQ Staff Pick NBA All-Star Weekend Winners

From events like the Taco Bells Skills Challenge and Sprite Slam Contest on Saturday to the All-Star game itself on Sunday, the geniuses (we try) here at Raptors HQ have you covered with our predictions for all the festivities.

John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

For NBA All-Star Weekend, we'll be covering all the events and festivities happening in NYC, with a focus on Toronto's lone representative this year, Kyle Lowry.

NBA All-Star Weekend Events

Degree Shooting Stars

Taco Bell Skills Challenge

Foot Locker Three-Point Contest

Sprite Slam Dunk Contest

BBVA Compass Rising Stars Challenge (USA vs. World)

NBA All-Star Game

Staff Predictions

Participants: Christopher Walder (@WalderSports), James Park (@jykpark), Mitch Robson (@mitch_robson32), Joshua Santos (@jsantos502), John Gaudes (@johngaudes), Russell Peddle (@rustypedalbike)

Staff Shooting Stars Skills Challenge Three-Point Contest Slam Dunk Contest USA vs. World MVP All-Star MVP
Walder Team Curry Isaiah Thomas Klay Thompson Greek Freak Andrew Wiggins Steph Curry
Park Team Curry Isaiah Thomas Kyle Korver Victor Oladipo Dennis Schroder LeBron James
Robson Team Curry Brandon Knight Wesley Matthews Greek Freak Andrew Wiggins Carmelo Anthony
Santos Team Curry Kyle Lowry Kyle Korver Greek Freak Andrew Wiggins Carmelo Anthony
Gaudes Team Bosh Jeff Teague Kyle Korver Zach LaVine Greek Freak Steph Curry
Peddle Team Bosh Jeff Teague Wesley Matthews Mason Plumlee Nikola Mirotic Kevin Durant

What are you most looking forward to watching over NBA All-Star Weekend?

Walder: The Three-Point Contest, and it's not even close. The Slam Dunk Contest has the potential to shock some people, but the lack of star power really hurts its cause. I'll gladly sit back and watch Steph Curry, Klay Thompson and (arguably) the greatest crop of talent in the history of the Shootout duke it out from long range.

Park: The last five minutes of the All-Star game. The best players are on the court, players play both sides of the ball, and the frontrunners for MVP try to solidify their case. Best five minutes of All-Star Weekend.

Robson: The Three-Point Contest, since it's the deepest field ever.

Santos: The Three-Point Contest. Kyle Korver, Stephen Curry, James Harden plus MORE?!?! Seriously, it's going to be an amazing competition. I've always been a big fan of the three-ball and I can't wait for this contest.

Gaudes: The Slam Dunk Competition roster would make a fun Youtube mashup, but I have to go with the stacked Three-Point Shootout. It's always fun to read into this one - will the stars like Stephen Curry, Kyrie Irving and James Harden outshine the better shooters? I'm excited to find out.

Peddle: The Three-Point Contest. The Dunk Contest always gets the hype, but I can't remember the last time I had more fun watching any event more than the Shootout during All-Star Weekend. Add in the fact that this is the best and most competitive field that I can remember, and that'll almost certainly be the highlight of my weekend. That, or the World kicking USA's butt in the Rising Stars Challenge led by Andrew Wiggins.

How will Kyle Lowry fare during the All-Star Game?

Walder: He'll set an All-Star record for transition three-pointers and charges drawn. Lowry might be the only starter taking the game seriously from the tip-off to the final buzzer. His numbers won't steal the show, but he'll make Raptors fans proud with his performance. A line of 13 points, seven assists and a few steals here and there seems reasonable for a newbie.

Park: I think he'll have an alright game. Maybe something like seven points, five rebounds and four assists. Despite being voted in, I don't expect him to receive more minutes than Kyrie Irving and John Wall, for the sole reason that the latter two feature flashier games that are better suited for an All-Star platform.

Robson: He'll be productive and enjoy his first All-Star game. He'll score around 12 points, dish out five assists and grab a couple of boards too.

Santos: I think he'll play about 15-to-25 minutes in the All-Star game. He'll finish with 20 points, 15 assists, 10 rebounds and 10 steals. Yup, I said it. He'll have a quadruple-double.

Gaudes: The All-Star Game exists to showcase superstars who play above the rim. Lowry is not one of those guys, but I expect him to make a few 3's, bowl his way to a few layups and learn a few things from guys who have been there before. I predict 12 points, five rebounds and five assists.

Peddle: I'm excited to see Lowry play in his first All-Star Game and represent the Raptors, but I've got a sinking feeling that he'll have a quiet outing. I see him playing the role of facilitator, deferring to guys like LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony and maybe hitting the occasional three-pointer from John Wall. He probably won't play a ton of minutes, though. I say he gets 11 points, four rebounds, seven assists, two steals and a block.

Which All-Star Saturday Night event would you thrive in most if you were a participant?

Walder: Definitely the Slam Dunk Contest. Watching me attempt a full rotation in the air while trying to throw down a jam will earn sympathy 10's from all the judges. I'd have it in the bag.

Park: With the Dunk Contest coming in a close second, I'd say the Taco Bells Skills Challenge would probably be my best event. Seems the best suited for my skill set from the glory days of high school basketball.

Robson: Since my NBA comparable is Steve Novak (corner 3's and nothing else), I'd definitely have to give the Three-Point Contest a shot.

Santos: I'd thrive in the Dunk Contest! In all seriousness, I'd probably be good at the Three-Point Contest. I'm a fantastic shooter (or so I think) and I'm more of a perimeter player. Besides, I'm 5'7" so dunking is not my forte. I'm also horrendous at layups. Just give me the basketball and watch me sink it in from the promised land.

Gaudes: For my first five years of playing basketball, I had a Shawn Marion chest shot that evolved nicely into a solid halfcourt heave. Put me on a squad with an NBA legend and a WNBA pro and I'm real confident I can dethrone Team Bosh in the Shooting Stars event.

Peddle: I used to have pretend Dunk Contests in my backyard, imitating all my favorite dunks from the past. I could do Vince Carter's East Bay Funk dunk. I had Dee Brown's "no look" one-hander perfected. I even had my own signature dunks that I'd pull out in neighbourhood contests. Did I mention that this was all on a nine-foot hoop? No matter. In my hay day, I would've been a Dunk Contest legend.