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Raptors vs. Wizards: Toronto Look to Stay Hot Against Washington

Following impressive wins against the Clippers and Spurs, the Raptors' tough stretch continues with a matchup against fellow Eastern Conference power, the Washington Wizards.

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Where to Watch: TSN National

The Raptors have had a few Jekyll and Hyde moments this year; none more exaggerated than in the past week's set of games. After being thoroughly outplayed by the Bucks and Nets, the Raptors somehow beat the Clippers and Spurs. To close out their pre-All Star schedule, they take on the Washington Wizards.

Toronto's enjoyed some good success against the Washington over the past couple of seasons, winning the season series last year, and beating them both times this year. The matchup between the two Eastern Conference starting guards should be a fun one to watch, and Jonas Valanciunas always seems to find an extra gear when facing fellow European bigs like Marcin Gortat. John Wall appears to be well aware of the importance of this matchup as he had the following to say:

"(Beating Toronto) would be great for us," Wall said Monday. "We could have beaten them here last time, first time they blew us out. This is the last time we play this team until we maybe play them in the playoffs, so you have to go out there and let this team know they don't have full advantage and they can dominate you any time they want."

On the injury front, the Wizards will be without Bradley Beal, which should help the Raptors significantly given their problems containing opponents' perimeter attacks.

Lastly, one more opportunity for Raptors fans to give Kyle Lowry the pregame ovation he deserves. The Legend Continues.

Thoughts and comments below! Go Raps!