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Raptors vs. Spurs: Going for wins against a team that's living the dream

The Raptors are hurting right now while the Spurs continue to live their best lives.

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

Sometimes I like to sit back and imagine what it would be like to work for the San Antonio Spurs. Oh man, can you picture it? Everybody gets along, people are cracking jokes, you work together towards a common goal. Even the boss seems cool. Basically, if you're in basketball, it's the dream job.

This is why it was a foregone conclusion that LaMarcus Aldridge signed with the Spurs. It's why David West taking a huge pay cut to chill on the bench made total sense. Hell, I'd move to San Antonio too if it meant I got to be part of this organization. (Do they need someone to write copy? Or maybe help with municipal traffic planning?)

When Dwane Casey talks about the type of program he and Raptors management are trying to build, it's easy to assume he too dreams of a Spurs-like scenario. He'd get to win a lot of games, his players would all be good, and everyone would just feel positive all the time. I'm actually surprised Spurs-esque management techniques don't find their way into more business organization, to be honest. I know I'd do my work at least 10 percent more efficiently if I had someone like Gregg Popovich in my corner. But I digress.

The Raptors are not at that level (yet?). And tonight, they meet San Antonio at less than 100 percent. They're down DeMarre Carroll, they're missing Jonas Valanciunas, and they may not have Lucas Nogueira to throw out there. So they're at--at best--60 percent. The Spurs meanwhile are 18-4 and would easily be considered the best team in the league this season if not for the reality-defying bender the Warriors are on right now. This is decidedly a non-dream situation for the Raptors, even if Kawhi Leonard is diminished due to illness.

On the plus side: Maybe former Spur Cory Joseph decides to go off for a huge game?

Let's watch!