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All-Star 2016 Gear is Here and Yes, It's Lit

"Clean design reigns supreme," the nerdy guy said to himself.

With All-Star Weekend in Toronto just two months away (eee!), Adidas and the NBA just dropped the jerseys and apparel the players will be wearing. This is all very exciting. Here are some previews:

Similar to last year's stuff from New York, this has a clean, urban look that's sure to make a lot of people happy. The shout-out to Canada is small, but pretty, with the maple leaf rising out of the star on the shorts. Very nice.

I, for one, am all in on the sweater t-shirt worn by Shadow Man #5. Wink/nudge at family and friends reading this. The entire photo library is available for your perusal here.

What are your thoughts on the gear and where's your excitement level at for All-Star Weekend?