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Just in time for the holidays, let's enjoy this Bismack Biyombo clip together

Because it is a gift.

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

Last night, Bismack Biyombo grabbed a career-high 20 rebounds in the Raptors' close 103-99 win over the Dallas Mavericks. Kudos, Biz.

But he also did the following:

Now because this is the Internet, it has been immortalized for all time to be studied and analyzed forever (or until the next ridiculous thing happens in an NBA game).

Of course, Biyombo's pass to no one--a quick thinking move to avoid travelling, actually--is not even the best part of this clip. The best part is JaVale McGee's reaction. Why? Because in that split second, we are on the court, in McGee's shoes, wondering what the hell we are watching. It's amazing when the reactions of people on a couch miles away from the action line up perfectly with those of the people actually out on the court.

Biyombo does something goofy and McGee, like us, goes: WTF?