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December Schedule Review: How will the Raptors do?

Let's peer into the future and review the upcoming month of games for the Raptors.

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

Coming out of October and November, the Raptors are 11-7. That's good for fifth in the Eastern Conference--thanks for nothing Atlantic Division lead--and ahead of more highly regard teams like the Washington Wizards, Atlanta Hawks and the Milwaukee Bucks. Good times.

The Raptors are also ranked seventh in Offensive Rating (OffRtg), at 103 points per 100 possessions, and ninth in Defensive Rating (DefRtg) at 99.5 points allowed per 100 possessions. This, my mathematically astute friends, equates to a +3.5 Net Rating (NetRtg), which is ninth best in the league. And this, after a league-high 12 road games, was supposed to be a tough month for the Raps!

The Raptors play 15 games in December, nine of them at home (and six of those in a huge homestand.) I'd like to tell you it'll be easy going, but there are some games to watch out for in the coming month. Let's review.

2 - at Atlanta - The first game for DeMarre Carroll back in Atlanta. Emotions will be running high.

3 - Denver - This has trap game written all over it.

5 - Golden State - The Raptors will end the Warriors' streak at 20, obviously.

7 - LA Lakers - The Kobe Bryant goodbye tour makes its final stop in Toronto. Easy W.

9 - San Antonio - Here's hoping for a repeat of last year's visit from the Spurs.

11 - Milwaukee - Really looking forward to the Raptors adding to the Bucks' early season misery.

13 - Philadephia - They may have one win by this time. That'll do.

14 - at Indiana - Can the Pacers really ride Paul George at the 4 to a top three seed? I'm not ready to live in that world.

17 - at Charlotte - Can the Hornets really continue with a top five OffRtg? I'm really not ready to live in that world.

18 - at Miami - Back-to-backs on the road are tough, but some vengeance for the Raps' lone blowout would be nice.

20 - Sacramento - No way the Raptors choke away a second game against this hapless team. You hear me Kings' fans???

22 - Dallas - The Dirk Show drops by. Eh, either outcome is fine.

26 - at Milwaukee - A double Bucks shot!

28 - at Chicago - Now here's a team it feels like the Raptors can never defeat. Toronto hasn't beaten the Bulls since December 2013. Let's get it.

30 - Washington - Once more, with feeling.

There. With my back-of-the-napkin, totally made up math, I figure the Raptors are good for a... 9-6 month. Will the Raptors enter 2016 with a 20-13 record? Am I crazy?

Let's hear your predictions in the comments.