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Raptors @ Magic: The 6 vies for 6-0

It's an hour until tip-off. Let the conversation begin!

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Your Toronto Raptors are trying to move to 6-0 tonight with a win against the Orlando Magic, and potentially set the record for the best start to a season in franchise history (just like every win since they hit 3-0). For a team with very few milestones to celebrate, we'll take every one of these we can get.

3-0 felt good. 4-0 gave us a bit of confidence. 5-0 made us start planning parade routes.

Ok, maybe that's a wee bit hyperbolic. Still, we have every reason to be excited. The team looks good. Darn good. They currently rank in the top 10 in the NBA in both offensive and defensive efficiency. They're rebounding the heck out of the ball. Jonas Valanciunas is playing fourth quarters. It's everything we've always wanted and more.

It's only been five games, but even the world outside of the Raptors fanbase is starting to wonder if they've all underestimated the basketball club up north. You know, that team that remains the only unbeaten squad in the Eastern Conference and joins the Golden State Warriors as one of only two teams with a perfect record in the whole Association.

Before the Raptors tip off against the Magic (who will be without center Nikola Vucevic), here's some reading/listening material to get you set:

Let the conversation begin!