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Listen to the Wayward Bounces Podcast

Our dude Harsh Dave has a new podcast he'd like you to listen to. Give it a shot!

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Just a quick post to make an announcement: Daniel and Alex were kind enough to let me use this space to let you guys know that I've launched my own podcast. I'm not entirely sure exactly what niche I'm going for here, but I love talking all sports so I wanted to put myself on a platform to do so.

I imagine tons of this will be basketball content mixed in with miscellaneous trash talk, but we'll see how it goes. I recorded 2 episodes in the past week with Will Lou of theScore. So here's presenting Wayward Bounces!

I won't be posting episode to episode updates here out of respect to everyone else on this blog, so if you're interested, please be sure to follow me on SoundCloud, and subscribe, comment, rate, review on iTunes! Feedback is appreciated too.

Also, this doesn't preclude me from appearing on The HeadQuarters with the other Raptors HQ guys.

Thanks for all the support!